MSV elektronika produces and supplies water management components for rail vehicles. In this, we collaborate primarily with VKV Praha, a supplier of EVAC toilets and other water management components and wastewater tanks.

Aside from controlling the water management system, MSV elektronika's water management control devices also drain the system to prevent it from freezing, using sophisticated algorithms based on the measurement of a number of parameters. We supply several types of control units.

The control systems integrate the EVAC toilets into the vehicle's network, control valves for washing and flushing, and can even control ventilation. They can also control the toilet door, provided the door is controlled electrically. The control system uses data about air and water temperature, air pressure and battery voltage to protect the toilet and water tank from freezing.

Toilet and Water Management Control
Toilet and Water Management Control
Toilet and Water Management Control

The water management control unit can be supplied as a single assembly along with an auxiliary relay and terminal box for connecting to the vehicle's cabling.

MSV elektronika also produces several types of level gauges to indicate water level in the water and wastewater tanks.

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