MSV elektronika is one of the leading European producers of LED position, tail and high beam lights for rail vehicles. Since 2006 we have produced thousands of railway lights and secured a prominent position on the European market.

All our lights use SMD LED technology and a metal-plated reflector of our own design. In addition, our high beam lights feature special optics. The design of these components is based on principles used in the automotive industry. The use of LEDs brings with it significantly improved performance and utility properties compared to light bulbs and thus contributes to greater safety in railway traffic.

A major advantage of MSV elektronika's lights is their mechanical design. The dimensions of our standard lights are identical to those used on vehicles in the past, which facilitates retrofitting and modernisation of existing vehicles. We are also capable of creating custom mechanical designs for the lights or for entire combined modules for new vehicles or for customers with non-standard requirements.

LED Lights
LED Lights
LED Lights

All our lights are produced in several variants to cover the needs of all users. By default, our tail lights come in red, and position lights and high beam lights in white. Naturally, lights can also be combined:

  • red tail light and white position light combination
  • high beam light and white position light combination
  • high beam light, red tail light and white position light combination

The LED lights meet the following European standards: ČSN EN 15 153-1, UIC 534 and LOC & PAS 1302/2014.