MSV elektronika is a producer and supplier of control units for rail vehicle door control. Aside from control units, we also supply other auxiliary modules for door systems.

We have a range of control units for entrance, outward swinging and folding doors with pneumatic controls for passenger cars and electrical units. The control units are in line with the UIC450 and SSOD standard in accordance with Measure of the General Manager of ČD O12 no. 3/2019, which is based on the IRS 50558 standard.

We also produce and supply control units for front and interior sliding doors or for entrance and interior doors with electric control.

Door Control
Door Control

The application software of the door control units enables the following functions

  • door opening and closing from the train driver's dashboard
  • closing of the train doors along a UIC cable
  • blocking the opening and closing of doors from the train driver's dashboard
  • three independent systems preventing doors from trapping passengers
  • audio and light warnings
  • automatic door closing
  • door locking
  • comprehensive diagnostics and inputting of operating parameters
  • communication with the master system
  • synchronisation of leaf movement in two-leaved doors
  • controlling folding steps

MSV elektronika has developed and produces components for controlling lifting platforms for the disabled. We supply platform control units, power modules and switchboards with electrical equipment. We also create design documentation for implementing these lifting platforms on vehicles.