We can mount small-, medium- and large-series of PCBs using classic, SMD or combined placement methods.

Production can be based on documents provided by the customer or designs developed in our company.

We currently have a brand new, modern, high-performance SMT placement line consisting of the devices listed below.

MYDATA SMD TOWER Automated Storage System


Provides automated storage of reels and JEDEC trays. One of its main benefits is the capacity for 480 reels with reel sizes ranging from 8 to 44 mm. JEDEC trays greatly reduce the risk of mix-ups or other input errors. SMD TOWER is automated and highly flexible. Controlled atmosphere – air humidity between 3 % – 5 %.



Automated setting of MYDATA conveyor width. Automatic loading of PCBs into an SMT line. Communicates with the MYDATA 500 JetPrinter via an interface.

MYDATA 500 JetPrinter

MYDATA 500 JetPrinter

Application of paste or adhesive without a stencil! No need to hope a contractor produces a stencil for you on time and to specifications!

Fast screen printing and flexible dispenser – 30,000 CPH (IPC9850). Option to change your PCB design on the fly. Switching paste products and changing settings takes less than a minute.

MYDATA 100LXe - A Highly Flexible Placement Machine


A brand new automatic machine integrated into our production in October 2012. Designed for small-, medium- and large-series production. Its main benefits include:

  • high placement rate at 16,000 CPH
  • quick setting and refitting, AGILIS feeders (up to 176 reels)
  • outstanding accuracy and unrivalled flexibility
  • capable of continuous production even for small series
  • accurate mounting head with 9 nozzles


IBL BLC 609i

Vapour Phase Soldering on IBL BLC 609i

Soldering by fusion in inert saturated vapours. The technology offers lower risk of damaging the material and higher soldering reliability. The BLC 609i offers temperature regulation and automated programming.

Also allows soldering BGA packaging.

Wave Soldering

Wave Soldering with ERSA EWS 330 and ETS 250

Wave soldering is used primarily for through-hole components, only occasionally for SMD soldering. Our machinery includes an ERSA EWS 330 soldering machine, designed primarily for lead-free soldering, with extended preheating length and nitrogen cover with max placement dimensions of 330x420 mm. We are also equipped with an ERSA ETS 250 for leaded soldering.

PL 550

Soldering and Rework of BGA Packages on PL 550

Universal resoldering system. A fully equipped rework system for leaded and lead-free soldering. The system is built on the combination of an IR 550A rework station and a PL 550A placement station with an RPC 550 camera system.