MSV elektronika has been developing and producing electronics for over 20 years. In that time, we have gained experience in the field of control and information systems for use in industry and, primarily, in rail transport.

We offer our customers comprehensive services in developing custom electronics which we then also fully produce, thanks to our own production line.

Our advantages lie, in particular, in close interconnection between our design and production and in our production flexibility – we do it all, from prototypes to large series, procurement of all materials, full completion of the final product, testing and initialisation.

Design and Development

We develop custom electronic devices for various branches of industry. These include control, regulation and automation equipment, measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities and collection and processing...

PCB Production

We also offer our regular and prospective customers the manufacture of one-layer PCBs without vias and two-layer PCBs with vias.

PCB Placement

We can mount small-, medium- and large-series of PCBs using classic, SMD or combined placement methods. Production can be based on documents provided by the customer or designs developed in our company. We currently...


Other services we offer to potential customers include polishing, initialisation and testing of mounted PCBs, and final testing and integration of component sets into larger units. Another no less important service is...

Samples and Test Series

We dedicate maximum attention to sample production. We know from our years of experience how important this step is before serial production can begin.

We have a climatic chamber and an ageing furnace at our disposal.

Development, Design and Optimisation of PCBs

We develop custom electronic devices for various branches of industry. Our development focuses on both the HW and SW side of information technologies. Our design and development department can also design and propose the right production technology for each individual order.

Component Procurement

We will procure and register all the material needed for your products, saving you a lot of time and paperwork.


SMD components are mounted using our brand new MYDATA MY100LXe automated line. Solder paste is printed using our MYDATA MY500 Jet Printer directly onto the PCB without a stencil!

Classic Mounting and Completion of PCBs

We also offer classic mounting and placement of printed circuit board components. We are able to solder your products manually, via wave soldering or using leaded or lead-free technologies.

Initialisation and Testing

We will initialise the product, install its firmware and run all the tests and trials you require before the product leaves our facility. Testing takes the form of various types of measurements, functional tests and software tests. All tests are meticulously recorded in our information system.

Assembly and Completion of the Product

We can also fully assemble and complete your product. In our experience, this solution is always the cheaper and more comfortable option for the customer.

Packaging and Distribution

We will ensure your product receives the best possible packaging to protect it during transport. We always endeavour to deliver your product on time and safely.