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Revision car MVTV 2

Realization: 2008, PARS Nova
Pieces: 1
Operator: SŽDC TÚDC

The complex modernization of the car MVTV2-029, operated by SDC Jihlava and used for check of overhead line and its maintenance and repairs, based mainly in installation of new 242 kW diesel engine TEDOM TD242RH TA with lowered relative fuel consumption and exhausting fumes according to UIC leaflet, and new hydromechanic gearbox VOITH DIVA D864.3E with retarder.
The power pack is controlled by control system MODURAIL RTR_MVTV2. The fuel is controlled by actuator type SKMSKM-SM31 with step motor, what also provides feed-back information about its real position.. The gearbox is controlled using logical signals.
The main control element is 6-position control lever, which commands relative traction for both traction and brake. Real values of RPM, diesel cooling water temperature, oil temperature) are displayed using analog measuring instruments, binary signals are displayed using signal bulbs.