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Revision car MVTV 2.2

Realisation: 2012 – 2013, CZ LOKO
Pieces: 10
Operator: SŽDC TÚDC

This completely modernized vehicle is used for check of overhead line and its maintenance and repairs, and also for transport of employees and material. The two-axle vehicle with axle load 14.5 tonnes is equipped with AC/DC power transmission and individual traction engines on each axle.
Two speed regimes are available, line regime 0 – 90 km/h and working regime 1 – 5 km/h, used while works or measuring on overhead line.
MSV elektronika s.r.o supplies for these cars:
- the control system MODURAIL CRV-MVTV2.2, 10.4″ LCD displays ZJS03zjs03_a, box MODURAIL_NR5_MVTV2.2
- screen wiper control unit BCS01bcs01
- signal LED lightsBKS02Nbks02 and BKS02Nbks02/B, LED headlightsBKS11bks11
- fully equipped driver’s desks
- switchboards HR MVTV2.2HR2_mvETCS, control electronics switchboard, traction switchboard