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Push-pull trainsets class 951

Manufactured: 2010 – 2012
Pieces: 10
Manufacturer: Škoda Vagonka
Operator: ZSSK (Slovak Railways)

The push-pull units class 951 consist of two double-decked intermediate trailers and one double-decked driving trailer. The unit is coupled with electric loco class 381 or modernized loco class 263.
The units are equipped with passenger information system, the driving car also with superordinate control system. This control system generates the Proportional traction signal that is used for control of traction vehicle and ensures the control of brake systems of all vehicles in the unit with support of electrodynamic and pneumatic brakes blending. It also provides the possibility of automatic speed control regime (the module of superordinate control F-CRV_AVV_671, driver’s keyboard CAN MINI I/Ocan_mini_i_o).
The passenger information system provides the acoustic and optical information for passengers. It cooperates with vehicle control system, which provides the man-system interfacing, information about GPS position and transmission to other vehicles in the trainset (cubicle with control unit and amplifiers – MODURAIL-ISC-PP, information displaying boards TIS03tis03, TISE03tise03, TISE102tise102, TIS03tis03, Intercom TCV01, units BRH01brh01, BMH01BMH01, VCA01VCA01).
MSV elektronika s.r.o delivers for these vehicles also interior door control units (ECD07ecd_07, BSO01, JKP01, ZZD01ZZD01), water system control (BVH02BVH02, CAN MINI I/Ocan_mini_i_o, BSV03, BSV04BSV03-1, BSV07BSV07, BPU02), signal LED lights (BKS02Nbks02, BKS02Nbks02/A, BKS02Nbks02/B3), wheel slip protection unit F-PE94.1-MSV_24V, speed measuring units BPK01BPK01, Voltage monitoring unit BMN01BMN01 and electric switchboards.