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The design of the electrical equipment and outfit

Processing of design and manufacturing drawings of electrical equipment of new or modernized vehicle. The design documentation includes line diagrams of electrical circuits such as traction control, engine control, lighting, etc. The manufacturing one includes assembly diagrams of switchboard cubicles, driver’s desks etc.

The design of electric equipment of refurbished diesel railcar class 842

MSV elektronika s.r.o. processed the project of modernization of electric part of the vehicle as well as the project of control and information system.

The control system enables the automatic speed control regime, as well as full automatic train operation with standard and GPS localization. The multiply traction communication is done according to NVL national standard. Two driver’s displays are placed in each driver’s cabin to display necessary data including tachometer data.

Passenger information system consists of optical and acoustical parts. The car is equipped with external displays in lateral sides to inform the passengers outsides the car, with interior displays, with train audio broadcasting system and with passenger – driver voice connection.

MSV elektronika s.r.o delivered for modernized railcars following components:

- control system

- control unit of passenger information system

- modules for train door control, heating,  WC and water system control

- fully equipped driver’s desks

- switchboards HR and RTO

- wheel slip protection unit

The design of electric equipment of refurbished maintenance diesel vehicle MVTV2.2

MSV elektronika s.r.o. participated in the project of modernization of electric part of the vehicle that is modernized in CZ LOKO a.s. company. MSV elektronika s.r.o. designed the electric equipment of the vehicle and supplied the control system, elements for driver’s desk, control, main and traction switchboards and LED lights. Next, the firm participated in the design of control system for the overhead line maintenance platform that is placed on the roof of the vehicle and also in the distant control for both vehicle and maintenance platform.