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Production of electronics

Services Offered

We offer comprehensive solutions of provided services in custom production of electronics, including procuring the material.

We develop electronic devices, optimize PCB design and produce single- and double-layer PCBs.

We assemble and solder PCBs with classic components as well as with SMD components using SMT technology.

We produce, activate, debug and assemble electronic assemblies and devices.


Samples and test series

In order to achieve the highest quality and most efficiency for series production, it is advisable to start with previous sample production.

We pay maximum attention to such production, because, based on many years of experience, we are aware of the importance of this step before mass production.

We dispose of a burn-in oven and climatic chamber.


PCBs development, design and optimization

We provide custom development of electronic equipment for various industry branches. The development includes both HW and SW. Our Department of design and development will also individually propose production technology for individual contracts. Right in our firm we produce single-layer or double-layer PCBs for you, respectively, we ensure the production of multi-layer PCBs exactly according to your complete specifications.


Purchase of components

We ensure the materials needed for your products and their records. This step will save you a lot of time and headaches associated with the administration of components purchase.


SMT mounting

SMD components are mounted on a completely new and modern automatic line MYDATA MY100LXe. Machine printing of soldering paste using the JET PRINT MYDATA MY500 is performed directly on PCB without the foil!


Conventional mounting and assembling of PCBs

We also offer classic printed circuit boards. Your products are able to be soldered not only manually, but also on the solder wave, both leaded and leadless technologies.


Activating, debugging and testing

In the activating workplace, we activate your products, install the firmware and make all necessary tests and checks as required. Testing is performed by various types of measurements, functional tests and using testing software. All results are carefully recorded using the information system.


Installation and assembling of products

We can also professionally assemble your products. Based on our experience, this solution is always cheaper and more convenient option for our existing customers.


Packaging and Distribution

We will ensure your product to have to the best possible package that will provide the maximum protection during transport. We always try to ensure that the product is delivered on time and principally safely.

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