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Production of electronics

Production of PCBs

We also offer to our regular or future customers the possibility to produce single-layer printed circuit boards without vias and double layer printed circuit board with vias.

Production possibilities:

PCBs: 1 layer , 2 layers

Material used: FR4 , Tg = 135 °C (others on request)

Thickness: 1.5 mm – standard (others on request)

Cu thickness: 18 um , 35 um – standard (others on request)

Max . PCB dimensions: 560 x 300 mm

The smallest hole: 0.25 mm

Minimal wire / space: 200 um

Finish: HAL

Non-soldering mask: green colour – standard (others on request)

Service printing: white colour – standard (others on request)

Machining: cutting, milling, V- grooving

El . testing: Speedy 580

Data processing (themes): RS 274X Gerber , Gerber – 274D , respectively EMMA

Data processing (drilling): Excellon or Merona

Delivery terms: by mutual consent

Quotations on request.

For PCB production, we use below described technology.


Drilling and milling

Drilling and milling machine LENZ – GX 550-1: CNC drilling / milling device equipped with PRECISE spindle with air-bearing, using speeds of 20-120 000 r.p.m . The equipment is used for drilling and milling the PCB holes sized from 0.5 mm to 6.5 mm.



PCB Groover JUSTUR – DRAK: CNC grooving equipment to create a so-called V-grooves required for final cutting of printed circuit boards. The groove is made on both sides, using two diamond circular saws.


Galvanic Line

Electroplating line for PCB production DPSVL26: Vertical plating line, used for coating the PCB holes. It includes 2 galvanic and 1 tinning baths fitted with Cu and Sn anodes. The line is fully automatic, controlled by production program.



Photoplotter MIVA 1620: This equipment is used for creating of photo templates for subsequent exposure to light-sensitive materials.


Etching and developing line

HL09 etching line and HL07 developing line: Horizontal line for Cu layers etching works on the principle of copper chloride. It is fitted with etching module of 740 mm length, 3 – cascade rinsing module and subsequent drying module. It’s equipped with RH probe for automatic refilling of the etching solution. A horizontal line for developing of a dry resist and non-soldering mask. The length of the developing chamber is 598 mm . It is equipped with a 3 – cascade rinsing plus drying module.


Haling device

Hal Penta 450: The device is used for lead-free tinning of complete PCBs. Max. size of the PCB is 400 x 450mm. It enables two immersions and vibrations.


Electrical testing of PCBs

PCB electrical tester SPEEDY 580: This device is used for final testing of manufactured PCBs, which is based on test program prepared in advance, using which the machine can detect the interruptions of conductive paths / holes, as well as random short circuits. The device is equipped with four test heads.

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