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Production of electronics

PCB assembling

We offer the realisation of small, medium and large series of PCB assembling using classic, SMD or combined technology.

The production is possible on the basis of documents supplied by the customer or using the development realized by our company.

Currently we have a brand new modern and efficient SMT mounting line, which consists of the following devices:


Automatic storage system MYDATA SMD TOWER

It allows the automatic storage of discs and JEDEC pallets. Its main advantage is the capacity of 480 discs of 8 – 44 mm width. JEDEC Tray (short access time ) greatly eliminates chaotic arrangement and mixing of the storage, and therefore, possible errors in the input. SMD TOWER is automated and highly flexible. Controlled atmosphere – air humidity between 3 % – 5 %.



Automatic conveyor width adjustment MYDATA. Automatic insertion of elements using LOADER MYDATA. Loader inserts the PCBs into SMT line. It communicates with serograph MYDATA 500 Jetprinter via the interface.


MYDATA 500 Jetprinter

Application of paste or adhesive without using a template! You don’t need to wait for the manufacturer, when he will prepare the template and what quality it will be!

Serograph printing speed, dispenser flexibility – 30.000 CPH (IPC9850 ). Flexible option to change your PCB design. Change of the product or paste and setting takes less than a minute.


Highly flexible assembling machine MYDATA 100LX

Brand new machine put into operation in October 2012. It is designed for small, medium as well as large-scale production. Its main advantages include:

  • high – mix at speeds of 16,000 CPH
  • quick setting and exchange, AGILIS feeder (up to 176 discs)
  • excellent accuracy as well as unsurpassed flexibility
  • the possibility of continuous production even for small series
  • accurate placement head with 9 jets

Soldering in vapours – IBL BLC 609i

This is a re-melting soldering in inert saturated vapour. This technology offers a lower risk of damage of the material during soldering and higher reliability. An adjustable temperature control and automatic programming process are available within BLC 609i.

It is also possible to solder BGA sockets.


The wave soldering equipments ERSA EWS 330 and ETS 250

Wave soldering is used primarily for leaded components, rarely also for SMD soldering. We utilize ERSA EWS 330 soldering machine with prolonged preheating and nitrogen decking with maximum PCB size of 330 x 420 mm, especially for lead-free soldering. We also have a ERSA ETS 250 system for lead soldering.


Soldering and repairs of BGA sockets on PL 550 device

Universal resole system. It is fully equipped repair system adapted for leaded and lead-free technology. The base is a combination of IR 550A repair station and PL 550A mounting device together with CCTV RPC 550.

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