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Production of electronics


Other services that we offer to our potential customers include painting, activating and testing of printed circuit boards. The final assembling and testing prior to installation into greater units also seems to be benefits for our existing customers. Another important service that you will appreciate in the production of functional prototypes or samples, is the seasoning, cycling and climatic tests in special climatic chamber.

If needed, we can also help you with processing your mechanical parts, profiles and sheets not only designed to protect your electronics.


Checking the PCB assembling process (AOI)

We monitor the component assembling and soldering quality on SMT technology PCBs. The purpose of the inspection is to detect bad or imperfect connections already during the production. The automatic checking is performed on the device MARANTZ 22XDL, which represents the forefront in the AOI technology.

It allows exceptional precision in checking of the component placement and soldering. The camera moves there and back, left and right. The PCB is stable.


Painting (lacquering) of PCBs

If you require, we equip your PCBs with a protective lacquer. Recommended! We have a lacquering machine PVA 350, which moves the dispensing head in 4 axes (X, Y, Z, rotation). The lacquer we use is one of the best lacquers on the market – SL1309. The machine contains three valves (needle and lacquering).The workspace of the machine is 400×400 mm.


Activation and testing according to customer requirements

In our “activation laboratory”, we activate your products, install the firmware and perform the endurance tests exactly according to your requirements.

Testing is performed by means of various types of measuring, functional tests and test software. We check everything carefully, we provide records and logs. In cooperation with you, we are able to develop and produce any functional test.


Final assembly and PCB assembly into higher units

More and more customers use the possibility of our final assembling of their product. This step substantially eliminates the extra cost of producing and simplifies any complaints.

We, alone or in cooperation with our partners, are able to provide mechanical parts and offer the final assembling of the product.


Seasoning (burning-in), cycling and climatic tests

We have a climate chamber CTS C-40/350 that is used for seasoning and testing of prototypes or functional samples. We have adapted this chamber also for requirements for cycling.

The climatic chamber is controlled by a microprocessor. Its dimensions are 650 x 750 x 720 mm. The chamber volume is up to 350 litres, temperature range is -70 °C to 180 °C, humidity range is 10 – 95 %.


Pad printing

Pad printing is carried out on the machine CIMA HORIZON M1. It is a semi-automatic device for sheet printing on a material of a height up to 150 mm with a horizontal lifting of the worktop made of a special aluminium sandwich. Easily adjustable plate can be fitted with loading pins, allowing absolutely accurate registration.

For one colour pad printing, we use Super Primex SP 8140 machine.


Machining of mechanical parts using milling machine DATRON M8

Brand new milling machine M8 has the working area size of 1020 x 700 mm and allows, among others, clamping of very high workpieces, such as profiles or cabinets.

Thanks to the simple and rapid rearmament, the machine can be optimally adapted to the production order. Powerful cutting operations at speeds up to 60,000 r.p.m.

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