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Measuring vehicle 851 – ETCS

Realization: 2013, CZ LOKO
Piece: 1
Operator: AŽD Praha s.r.o.

Measuring car for ETCS of AŽD Praha company originated from railcar 851.026 and is designed for measuring of parameters of train protection systems, mainly ETCS. The car is four-axle with one traction bogie, equipped with Caterpillar C27 engine.
MSV elektronika s.r.o supplied for these car:
- the control system MODURAIL CRV-DPV-MVETCS, 10.4″ LCD displays ZJS03zjs03_a, driver’s keyboards BKL03bkl03, magnetic balises sensors MSIBmsib_24_200 24/200
- distribute control modules CAN I/O 01can_a_d, CAN IN 01can_i_o, interface module CAN_UIC_232, heating control module SOT01sot01 with control display DISPLAY03, control module RMB01
- screen wiper control unit BCS01bcs01, voltage monitoring module BMN01BMN01
- WC and water system control module BVH02BVH02, level metersBSV10BSV10
- signal LED lights BKS02Nbks02/B, LED headlights BKS11bks11/A
- fully equipped driver’s desks
- switchboards HR1 851HR_mvETCS, HR2 851HR2_mvETCS, control electronics and ETCS switchboards