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LED headlight RLG01according to standards GOST

MSV Elektronika company presented the sample piece of LED headlight RLG01 that is designed for applications on broad gauge vehicles of RZD and other post-Soviet countries. The headlight was developed according to GOST standards, which require the headlight luminance values in the range 6.4 to 9.6 x 105 cd for full beam and from 0.7 to 1.2 x 105 cd for dimmed light. Compared to European standards, it is about ten times more! 120 high-luminance LEDs in combination with individually designed optics are used as a light source in this headlight.

Currently developed prototype of this headlight uses 96 high-luminance LEDs only. The mechanical part of the headlight is composed of massive aluminium body, which also serves as a heat sink to dissipate heat from the LEDs, drivers and power supplies. The frame that is used for mounting the headlight to the vehicle and for subsequent setting of the light beam in the desired direction is fixed to the main aluminium body.

RLG01 is designed for operation in 110 VDC network (77 – 137,5 V), it can be customized also for different voltage systems (48V, 72V, etc.). The headlight has a binary diagnostic output (1/0), which indicates prospective failures. MSV Elektronika will introduces two pieces of these prototypes this autumn at the international trade fair InnoTrans 2014, specifically on the locomotive class 794 of CZ LOKO. The exhibited prototypes should already meet the requirements of GOST 12.2.056-81 and GOST 15-150-69.