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EMUs class 575

Manufactured: 2008 – 2013
Pieces: 10
Manufacturer: Škoda Vagonka
Operator: LG (Lithuanian Railways)

The EMUs class 575 are derived from the ones class 471. They are designed for wide-gauge and 25 kV AC power system, and also other customer requirements concerning train protection system, radio equipment, fire protection unit, WC etc. were applied. The units are operated as two-car (motor and driving coach) or three-car (plus intermediate coach)

MSV elektronika s.r.o produces and supplies many components, which were developed for these vehicles in cooperation with their manufacturer: door control units (SOD97Nsod97n, SPD10Kspd10k, JKP01, BTL02, BTL03, BTL04, ZZD01ZZD01, HORN), WC and water system control (BVH10bvh10, SOW97SOW97, BSV03, BSV04BSV03), electronic modules (driver’s keyboard, BKL02bkl02/B, communication module CAN HFGCAN HFG, wheel slip protection EP96MSV, modules TC01, TC02, RP810-SIrp810_si relay), high voltage switchboards, heating-illumination switchboard and air condition switchboard.