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Electric locos class 380 (109E)

Manufactured: 2006 – 2011
Pieces: 20
Manufacturer: Škoda Transportation
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Electric locos class 380 (ČD) and 381 (ZSSK) are designed for hauling the EC / IC / Express / fast trains as well as fast goods trains on the area of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary and on the corridors of the EU electrified by 3 kV DC, 25 kV / 50 Hz and 15 kV / 16,7 Hz systems.
MSV elektronika s.r.o. supplies the module of superordinate control CRV_AVV, that provides the control of traction and brake systems of all active traction vehicles in the train with support of electrodynamic and pneumatic brakes blending.

The superordinate control system enables the train run in one of following regimes:
- manual, when the driver sets the required proportional traction and controls the train brake,
- speed control (“automated”), when thee driver sets required speed and running regime (standing – coasting – running),
- target braking, when the train running is controlled fully automatically based on the data stored in route-map, this needs the track equipped with the lineside part of the ATO system AVV
- full automatic train operation, that adds energy optimal driving strategy to above mentioned target braking regime.

The supply of MSV elektronika s.r.o. consists of two modules of superordinate control CRV AVV 91/380CRV_AVV_91_380 in redundant connection, that are designed as plug-in cassette that is inserted into Vehicle control computer, of driver’s keyboard BKL03bkl03, of magnetic balise sensor MSIBmsib_24_200 and wheel slip protection unit ASS06.1.