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Electric locos class 363.5 (71Em)

Realization: 2009- 2013, Škoda Transportation
Pieces: 30
Operator: ČD Cargo

Electric dual-system locos class 363.5 of ČD-Cargo are created from originally single-system locos class 163.
The MSV elektronika s.r.o. delivers the superordinate control module CRV_AVV_71Em, similar to the variant used on loco class 380, which enables automat train control up to full automated operation. This module also provides the intervehicle communication according to Czech standard TNŽ 28 1500 (NVL – National train bus), that enables coupling and multiple traction e.g. with dieselelectric locos class 753.7. Next, driver’s keyboard BKL03bkl03 and magnetic balise sensors MSIBmsib_24_200 are also supplied.