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Electric locos class 162/163

Realization: 2011- 2012, CZ Loko Česká Třebová, ČMŽO Přerov
Pieces: 13
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Single system 3 kV DC locos class 162/163 (max. speed 140 / 120 km/h) were refurbished for operation with push-pull trainsets and driving trailers. The intervehicle communication is based on WTB standard and uses UIC cable. The locos are equipped with protection system HS 306, passenger information system, trainset door control system and emergency brake overriding system. The control system enables control in full Automatic Train Operation mode with standard localization using magnetic balises or GPS localization. The control system also enables active stand-by regime.
The original analogue units – central control unit, wheel skid protection, automatic speed control, traction current measuring – and original power supply units were replaced by compact control unit MODURAIL CRV-DPV 163/363, new power supply rack MODURAIL NK3 x63 and passenger information system control unit MODURAIL ISC x63 with GPS localization module. Modules for distant control CAN IN 01can_i_o, CAN I/O 01can_i_o and CAN UIC 01can_uic01 are used. For intervehicle communication, the WTB GATEWAY EKE of the EKE firm (Finland) is used.
The man-machine interfacing is ensured by 10.4″ LCD displays ZJS03zjs03_a and driver’s keyboard BKL03bkl03.
Next, signal lights BKS02Nbks02, screen wiper control unit VCA01VCA01, magnetic balises sensor MSIBmsib_24_200, information system displaying board TISE102tise102 or passenger-staff communicator VCA01VCA01 are also delivered.