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Electric locos class 111

Realization: 2000 – 2011, CZ Loko Česká Třebová
Pieces: 3 for shunting service + 1 for line service (without radio)
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Electric DC shunting locos were refurbished to enable automatic speed control and radio distant control from the dispatcher’s room of the hump yard in station Nymburk.
In manual regime, the proportional traction is set by the control lever.
In automatic speed control regime, the required speed is entered by driver. The accuracy of regulation is +/- 1 km/h in the whole range of the changing load – as single wagons separate during the pushing to the hump.
In distant control regime, the required direction and speed are sent from the dispatcher’s room. The driver can take the control of the locomotive anytime.