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Driving trailers class Bfhpvee (961)

Realization: 2011 – 2013, PARS Nova
Pieces: 30
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Driving trailers class Bfhpvee (961) were produced by Pars Nova a.s. as a modernization of former coaches class Bte. They are designed for operation with modernized main line diesel and electric locos class 163 and 362 that use communication according to WTB standard . MSV elektronika s.r.o. supplies for these cars:
- the module of superordinate control CRV_AVV, that cooperates with vehicle control computer and provides the control of traction and brake systems with support of electrodynamic and pneumatic brakes blending. It enables the control in automatic speed control regime as well as in full automatic train operation regime
- driver’s keyboard BKL03bkl03, magnetic balise sensors
- components of passenger information system – control unit F- MODURAIL_ISC_961/P, external displaying boards TISE101tise101 and TISE102tise102, interior displaying boards TIS04TIS04, intercoms TVC01, driver’s communicator VCA01VCA01, unit for external noise measuring BMH01BMH01, volume control module BRH01brh01
- control units ECD07ecd_07/B for entry double-leaves door with folding footboard and RKM10RKM10 for single-leaf door
- water system control block BVH02BVH02, water level meters BSV08bsv08, WC signal panel TIP01tip01
- LED signal lights BKS02Nbks02
- wheel slip protection system ASS06