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Diesel railcars Dm12

Manufactured: 2004 – 2006
Pieces: 16
Manufacturer: Škoda Vagonka
Operator: VR (Finnish railways)

Diesel railcar Dm12 is four-axle car manufactured for Finnish railways. It is powered by two 300 kW diesel engines MAN with hydrodynamic gear boxes Voith. During the design and construction, the customer’s requirements on reliable and safe operation in hard climatic conditions were respected.
MSV elektronika s.r.o. supplied for this car:
- control system including redundant control computer
- control units for door control SOD02SOD02
- control units for disabled person lifting platform control SOP02
- electronic switches BES01, interior lights control blocks BRN01
- water system control block BVH01BVH01
- LED tail light BKS01
- CAN distant I/O modules
- electric switchboards
- driver’s keyboard for automatic speed control BKL01
Control system enables multiply traction control, automatic speed control, it provides wide diagnostic functions and also serves as service braking interface for national ATP.