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Diesel railcars class 843

Realization: 2008 – 2011 ČD – Depot Liberec, DPOV
Pieces: 31
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Vehicles of x43 series – diesel railcars class 843, intermediate trailers class 043 and driving trailers class 943 – were manufactured in Vagonka Studénka in 1995 – 1997.
Since 2007, the vehicles are modernized in order to improve the passenger’s comfort – the passenger information system (P.I.S.) that utilizes existing hardware and cabling as much as possible, was installed. The P.I.S. consists of external displaying boards TISE01TISE01/B in lateral sides, interior displaying boards TIS02tis02 and control unit with digital voice player BIS01BIS01 for train audio broadcasting. The power supplying for 24 V components is made from 48 V board network using power converters ZDC482405ZDC482405_KLIPS.
The P.I.S control was added into vehicle’s diagnostic system that was upgraded by processor unit exchange which brought the computing power increasing and memory enlarging for data storing. The digital players that enable acoustic messaging using train broadcasting system were installed.
The P.I.S is set and checked using driver’s display in driver’s cabin. New colour 8,4″ LCD displays ZJS01zjs01 replaced the old ones that had exhausted their operating life.
The intervehicle communication is according to NVL standard. The transmission of P.I.S. data was added into this communication standard.
MSV elektronika s.r.o also provides spare parts for control system of these railcars and performs their repairs.