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Diesel railcars 842

Realization: 2010 – 2013, Pars nova a.s.
Pieces: 37
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Four-axle diesel railcars class 842 with two aggregates and hydromechanic gearboxes Allison were built in the beginning of 1990′s. During the vast modernization, new diesel engines Tedom and new gear boxes ZF with retarder were supplied.
MSV elektronika s.r.o. processed the project of modernization of electric part of the vehicle as well as the project of control and information system, coming out of the experience with the Dm12 project. The control system enables the automatic speed control regime, as well as full automatic train operation with standard and GPS localization. The multiply traction communication is done according to NVL national standard. Two driver’s displays are placed in each driver’s cabin to display necessary data including tachometer data.
Passenger information system consists of optical and acoustical parts. The car is equipped with external displays in lateral sides to inform the passengers outsides the car, with interior displays, with train audio broadcasting system and with passenger – driver voice connection MSV elektronika s.r.o delivered for modernized railcars following components:
- the control system MODURAIL CRV-DPV 842, 8,4″ LCD displays ZJS02, driver’s keyboard BKL03bkl03, magnetic balise sensors MSIBmsib_24_200
- the box MODURAIL_ISC_842 containing control unit of passenger information system and amplifiers, external displaying boards TISE101tise101, internal displaying boards TIS04TIS04, intercoms TBC01 and TVC02, unit for external noise measuring BMH01BMH01, volume control module BRH01brh01
- modules for train door control CAN UIC 01can_uic01, heating control module SOT01sot01, distant control modules CAN MINI I/Ocan_mini_i_o_A, communication modules CAN_MCC01
- fully equipped driver’s desks
- switchboards HR 842rozv_842 and RTO 842rozvaděč_rto_842
- signal LED lights BKS02Nbks02, wheel slip protection unit MODURAIL_ASS06.1