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Diesel locos class TEM35

Realization: 2013, CZ Loko, Transmashholding (Russia)
Pieces: 1
Operator: Transmashholding , RZD (Russian Railways )

This is a six-axle hybrid shunting locomotive which is designed as a hood one with a tower cab. The main frame and bogies are taken from the engine TEM18 (Transmashholding), the asynchronous traction motors are manufactured by Elektrotiazhmash Kharkov. The locomotive has two sources of energy – diesel engine Caterpillar C18 and supercapacitor supplied by Russian firm Elton. The supercapacitor is used for a short-term increasing of tractive power. During braking, the energy is regenerated back into the supercapacitor. Power transmission is an electric one using alternating current (AC / AC), wheel arrangement is C’o C’o , gauge 1520 mm and a maximum speed of 100 km / h. Locomotive mass is 123 tonnes.
The control system of MSV elektronika s.r.o. allows the automatic speed control and provides several strategies of supercapacitor utilization. The intervehicle communication in according to NVL standard and allows multiple traction. The control system consists of a vehicle control computer MODURAIL_CRV_DPV_TEM35/RU a distributed control modules MODURAIL_NR11_TEM33/RU and NR12_TEM33/RU.
The communication with engine driver is ensured using standard control elements as well as using 10.4″ driver’s displays ZJS03zjs03_a / A and driver’s keyboards and type BKL10BKL10. The vehicle is equipped with a red-and-white signal LED lights BKS02Nbks02. Next, odometer block BPK01BPK01, controller measurement block BDG01bdg01 / A, r.p.m. measuring block BP02C are used on the vehicle.
Two pieces of wheel slip protection unit MODURAIL_ASS06.1_110V_HDD / A provide the protection against the wheel slipping.