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Diesel locos class TEM-LTX

Manufactured: 2012 – 2013
Pieces: 7
Manufacturer: CZ LOKO
Operator: BČ (Belarusian railways)

The wide gauge loco class TEM-LTX is new-built loco designed for hard shunting and line goods duty on industrial sidings, regional and main lines. Four-axle loco has AC/AC power transmission, the axle load is 23 tonnes and maximum speed is 100 km/h. The locomotive is designed as a hood one with a tower cab close to the rear head of the loco.
Control system enables the automatic speed control and it also enables the multiply traction control using NVL communication standard.. It consists of control computer MODURAIL_CRV_DPV_TEM_LTX_LT and distant control modules CAN I/O 01can_i_o. Besides on standard control elements (master controller, push buttons, switches, signal bulbs), also 10.4″ displays ZJS03zjs03_a/A and keyboards BKL10 are placed at driver’s posts. MSV elektronika s.r.o. also delivers LED signal lights BKS02Nbks02, LED headlights BKS11bks11 and wheel slip protection unit MODURAIL_ASS06.1_HDD.