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Diesel locos class 750.7

Realization: 2011 – 2012, CZ LOKO
Pieces: 19
Operator: ČD (Czech Railways)

Modernized diesel locos class 750.7 are designed for passenger service at speed up to 100 km/h. The modernization bases mainly in the replacement of the old diesel engine ČKD K12V230DR distinguishing with high operational costs and low reliability, by Caterpillar 3512C HD engine. The heating alternator and electrodynamic brake were added, too.
The control system MODURAIL CRV DPV 7XXcrv-dpv_742 together with the box of power outputs MODURAIL_NR5 ISC 750.7nrs_isc_750 and distant control modules CAN MINI I/Ocan_mini_i_o_A enable manual control, automatic speed control and full automatic train operation regimes, the full ATO can use both magnetic balises (read by MSIM 24/200 sensors) and GPS localization. The intervehicle communication is according to WTB standard and uses WTB GATEWAY EKE module.
Each driver’s desk is equipped with two 8,4″ LCD displays ZJS02, that also display the data from tachometer, and with full-ATO keyboard BKL03bkl03.
Loco is fitted with CAN UIC 01can_uic01 units for train door control using UIC cable and is prepared for installation of train broadcasting system and passenger – driver voice communication.
Signal LED lights BKS02Nbks02 and BKS02Nbks02/B are also supplied for this loco.