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Diesel locos class 741.7 / 742.7

Realization: 2011 – 2013, CZ LOKO
Pieces: 3 / 5
Operator: private companies

Refurbished four axle locos with AC/DC power transmission are designed for medium-hard goods duty on standard gauge lines at speed up to 100 km/h. The particular classes differ in maximum speed and tractive effort.
The control system enables the automatic speed control regime. The intervehicle communication is according to the NVL standard. The locos class 741.7 also enable the multiply traction with locos equipped with control system of the Slovak firm NES.
Control system consists of control computer MODURAIL CRV DPV 7XXcrv-dpv_742 (742.7), power output modules MODURAIL_NR5 742.7nr5_742, 10.4″ LCD driver’s displays ZJS03zjs03_a, driver’s keyboards BKL02bkl02 and distant control modules CAN MINI I/Ocan_mini_i_o. The loco is equipped with signal LED lights BKS02Nbks02 and BKS02Nbks02/B. The control system also includes generator voltage measuring block BDG01bdg01/A, r.p.m. measuring block BP02C, or DC/DC converter ZDC242412zdc24_24_12.