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Diesel locos class 705.9 (T47.0M)

Realization: 2005 – 2010, JHMD
Pieces: 5
Operator: JHMD, ČD

Narrow-gauge (760 mm) dieselelectric locos class 705.9 (T47.0) were built in 1950′s. They are operated on lines of private company Jindřichohradecké místní dráhy (JHMD) and by Czech railways on the line Třemešná ve Sl. – Osoblaha.
After 50 years of operation, the locos underwent radical modernization, which brought new diesel engine, AC/DC transmission with three-phase alternator by Siemens Drásov, electrically controlled pneumatic brake, new driver’s desks and interior of cabins.
MSV elektronika s.r.o. took part in design of electric part of reconstruction.
Control system includes the function of automatic speed control, registering tachometer, vigilance check, time-table displaying for driver as well as the control of passenger information system in trailers. It also enables multiply traction control and radio distant control.
The control system consists of control computer MODURAIL_NR1 with the box of power outputs MODURAIL_NR3-NR4, driver’s 8.4″ displays ZJS01zjs01, keyboards BKL02bkl02 and distant control modules MODURAIL_NR11. Diesel engine is controlled by actuator with step motor SKMSKM-SM31_P.