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About Us

MSV elektronika s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of electronic components for applications in rail vehicles. 

We have a wide team of own and external staff with years of experience in the hardware and software development for use in transport. We offer to our customers the individual approach to their needs and provide them with technical support at a high level.

Thanks to our own research and development, closely linked with the production, we guarantee the high quality of our products. 


The main activities of the company are: 

Rail Transport

  • Design of electrical equipment of rail vehicles
  • Development and production of control systems for traction and non-traction rolling stock
  • Design and production of control and communication computers for non-traction rolling stock
  • Development and production of mobile passenger information systems
  • Control of entry, head and internal doors with electric and pneumatic control
  • Control of WC and water subsystems with frost protection
  • Development and production brake control electronics for the DAKO brakes – Electronic wheel slip protection unit, magnetic brake control
  • Development and production of rail vehicles exterior lighting based on LEDs
  • Production of switchboards and cable bundles

Custom development and production of electronics

  • Development of electronic control systems HW and SW
  • Design and optimization of PCBs
  • Production of PCBs (single layer, double layer), providing of multilayer PCBs
  • PCB assembly – classical technology, SMT, combination
  • Purchase of components
  • Commissioning and testing, burning-in
  • Production of functional samples
  • Design and production of testers – in cooperation with the customer
  • Completion and assembly of products
  • Packaging and distribution according to your needs